Access Control

Access control is the perfect solution for any business that needs the ability to restrict or allow access to a building or area. With access control a business can automate the locations its employees or clients have access to. Through this technology a business can secure their building without having a dedicated guard staff.

There are several types of access control available. APS focuses on using the most reliable technologies available. These can include; keypads, readers, and biometric. All of these system allow for authentication, authorization, and administration. Authentication requires the user to identify oneself. If the user correctly identifies themself, the system will authorize a predefined level of access. This can be used to restrict time, date, and locations available to the user. The individual responsible for administration can create, delete, modify, and define the level of access an individual has. Access control can offer a cost effective solution to securing your facility.

The most common types of access control devices are keypads, readers, and biometrics. Keypads offer simple numeric code entry. Commonly referred to as a PIN. The user must know a PIN to be granted access. The PIN can be changed regularly to maximize security. Readers are another type of access control device. These are a very popular option due to there simplicity. Readers grant access through the use of a proximity key or a card. The user is only required to use there key or card. Should the user lose their key or card, the access information can easily be removed. Biometric readers offer security that is tougher to get around. The user is required to identify themself with a feature that is unique to them, such as a finger print. All of these technologies can be use individually or in combination. For example, a proximity reader is used in conjunction with a keypad. Having the key alone would not be enough. The user would be required to enter a PIN.

Some access control systems are stand alone. Such as a keypad that stores all authorization information internally. These solutions can be ideal for controlling one door or gate. However, more complex systems might require a controller. A controller is a device that handles the authorization for all access devices. The controller will offer an interface that will allow for quick administrative use. This can be ideal for business with several employees, a fitness facility, apartment complex, or elevators.

If your business requires access control, Atlantic Protective Services can offer the perfect solution for your business. We have the experience to design systems that will meet your requirements while observing building codes. Let our experts help you decide what will work best for your business.

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