Commercial Security Systems

APS offers a variety of choices in monitoring services and electronic security alarms for your business. With over 20 years of experience, APS is well qualified to help you design the security system that best suits your particular needs and budget. We believe the design of each security system should not only be effective, but simple to use. Protection of your business, employees, and property can be achieved by utilizing several different types of security devices. Options range from door and window contacts to glassbreak and motion detectors to environmental sensors

Door and window contacts detect the opening and closing of doors and windows. Your system can be configured to either simply sound an alert when those contacts are triggered, or automatically send the alarm to our monitoring station, indicating a possible intrusion. In addition to possible intrusion alerts, these contacts can also signal to let you know if you’ve accidentally left a door or window open before leaving the building. The system can even let you know which door or window is the problem. Glassbreak and motion detectors offer more generalized and wider coverage within the building. Glassbreak detectors will “listen” for the sound of breaking glass that is common with forced entry. A motion detector will look for the movement of an intruder. Like the door and window contacts, the glassbreak and motion detectors can also be configured to alert or alarm.

Environmental sensors, such as smoke detectors, monitor their location for specific conditions. There are many different types of environmental sensors, including smoke detectors, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, temperature, moisture, and many others.

Panic switches, another common type of security device often found in financial institutions, can be configured to send an immediate, discreet call for assistance. Panic switches may be hardwired or wireless, depending upon the particular installation needs.

Regardless of size and type of building, APS can design and monitor the proper security system optimized for your specific needs. Choosing the right solution can be difficult, but Atlantic Protective Services can make it easy.

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