Structured Wiring

Altantic Protective Services knows the importance of low voltage structured wiring. A businesses infrastructure must be reliable and current. With technology constantly changing, keeping informed about the needs of current and future devices is vital. Our experienced technicians can handle any low voltage wiring situation. Regardless, if its new construcion or retrofit. With our experience we can see the job through from start to finish.

Phone and computer networks require specific cables. Typically phones require Cat3 or greater. However, this cable is limited to phone use only. Cat5 wiring it a better selection. Cat5 is acceptable wiring for both phone and network wiring. Cat6 wiring is geared toward network wiring. With Cat6 higher network speeds are attainable.

Video also requires specific cabling. With CCTV, a RG59 cable is acceptable. However, using RG59 for cable tv or internet modems is not acceptable. For TVs and modems a RG6 wire is required.

APS has experience in the wiring and setup of automation solutions. Your business may require the use of audio and video that requires several and complicated devices. Conference rooms, training rooms, and other locatins may require sophisticated solutions. With automation; lighting, audio, video, and HVAC can be controlled through a simple user interface

There are also devices or buildings that require more specific cables. These may include fiber, shielded, or plenum fire rated wiring. Atlantic Protecive Services will provide the vendor specific cable.

APS can complete your job from start to finish.

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