Guard Services

Atlantic Protective Services was founded in 1982 as a security services company providing armed and unarmed security, private investigations, and security training schools. The company remained located in the Tidewater area building an enviable reputation for dependable, reputable services and quality management. In 1988, APS began servicing contracts for the U. S. Government in the state of Massachusetts. Other government contracts quickly followed in West Virginia, North Carolina, and the District of Columbia.

APS is committed to service excellence. Our goal is to provide clients with consistent, professional, knowledgeable and courteous service at all times. We put our clients’ interests first in every situation and set the industry standard for professionalism and integrity.

A significant factor contributing to our successful past performance is our recruitment, retention and development methods regarding our most valuable asset, our employees. The APS team adheres to a very strict recruitment and evaluation process. This process consists of detailed and specific advertisements for employment to ensure that we only consider applicants that meet the full qualifications for each specific contract position. All applicants meeting these qualifications are personally interviewed by our Director of Security. Qualification screenings involve contacting past references provided by each applicant to confirm previous work and job performance history. All candidates must meet or exceed the minimum requirements. APS understands the importance of an applicant being able to fit unto the security work environment and established APS team.

APS provides initial and on-going training as part of our orientation and the quality of our security personnel. General and specific training program methods will be used to provide the security needed for our clients.

Atlantic Protective Services provides experience and quality service. With experienced management and highly trained security officers; our guard services are readily apparent and quantifiable, resulting in immediate, high quality, low risk support. We offer our clients many features, benefits, and innovations, many of which were gained due to our significant level of long-term participation from our clients.

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