Home Surveillance Systems

Home surveillance can be a useful tool for homeowners. Today’s technology allows for digital recording, remote and on-demand viewing. The equipment used for home surveillance has become very affordable over the last several years.

Cameras are the main device required. They can be used to monitor any location in and around your home and property. Every environment is different and may require a specific style of camera. Environmental factors, availability of lighting, and the size of the area to be monitored are just some of the factors that need to be considered. Digital video recorders, also known as DVR’s, enhance the functionality of cameras. DVR’s can work with your camera system to record and stream video over a network. The video recordings can be searched by a specific date and time, which can be useful in the event a break-in or vandalism occurs.

The video feed from your camera system can also be viewed remotely, using the DVR to stream over a network. You can use your computer, tablet, iPhone, or Android powered device to view your cameras while you’re away from home.

The professionals at Atlantic Protective Services can work with you to determine the right combination of features for you. Contact us to discuss designing a new home surveillance system, or to upgrade your current system.

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