Whole House Audio
Music for the whole household to enjoy.

Whole House Audio is an elegant way to integrate music and other audio experiences into your daily home life. Simple, easy to use systems allow for a personalized approach suitable for all family members to enjoy. Options range from single-source, basic wall-mount rotary controls to more advanced, multi-source digital systems. APS professionals can help you determine the best system to meet your needs, which may vary depending on your family size, your price range, and how you imagine your system will be utilized. The Whole House Audio system can be used in so many ways.


Listen to an audio book in the bathtub while your teenager plays their favorite band in their bedroom, and your husband listens to news radio in the home office. Listen to sports radio in the back yard, while your wife sings along to opera in the kitchen. Speakers can be installed in every room in your home, turning your whole house into a private concert.


You can even control your system with your tablet or smart phone. Portable systems are also available, which play wirelessly from a central location such as a computer or internet radio, and can be moved around the home.

With so many choices, whole house audio can work for anyone. Let the professionals at APS help you discover the system that is perfect for you.

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