Video Distribution
Sharing video sources throughout the home.

Video distribution offers the possibility to feed single or multiple local video sources to different devices throughout your home. These video sources can include cable boxes, cameras, dvd or blu-ray players. Video distribution offers convenience as well as cost benefits.

Modern American homes typically have multiple TV's throughout the house. Cable service providers may require a cable box to receive any channels outside of the basic package. Typically the company will charge its users a monthly cable box rental fee. It's common for HD, sports, specialized, and movie channels to be add-on services. Therefore, every TV would require a cable box and the cable service provider would require another monthly fee. With video distribution, it is possible to share a cable box across multiple TV's. For example, a TV in the master bedroom could watch the same programming as the TV in the den. With one cable box, both TV's would have access to all available programming on the cable box. Any number of TV's can share a cable box. However, the drawback is that only one channel can be viewed at a time. Cable boxes are generally not created to broadcast more than one channel at a time.


Any video device can be shared across TV's in the home. Devices such as DVD or Blu-Ray players can be used to play the same movie in different rooms. It is also possible to stream pictures across multiple TV's to share during family events. Practically any device that offers a video source can be distributed to multiple TV's in the home.


It is popular for home surveillance cameras to be used with video distribution. This makes it possible to view a camera while you're watching TV. With the push of a button you can switch from watching your favorite TV show to a camera that shows who's at the front door.

Video distribution is just another service we offer to enhance and streamline your home entertainment and security systems. Give us a call to discuss what options may work best for you.

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