Phone Systems
Voice communitcations throughout the house

Modern phone systems can perform a variety of tasks, beyond simply making and receiving phone calls. Today's phone systems can intercom, forward calls, and control gates and doors. These are just a few popular features available in modern phone systems.

Utilizing the intercom feature to call from room to room within the home is a highly desirable feature. This allows a person to call any other phone in the home, by paging all phones or just a specific phone. This feature operates much like the standard intercom system, operated through the integrated phone system.


Call forwarding can direct calls to a different location within the home, or another outside number. This feature is a great way to prevent a phone from ringing in a specific room. The phone system will direct the call to all other phones that are not forwarding the call. It is also possible to forward the home phone number to a different phone number, such as a cell or office number. This is a great way to direct phone numbers to one location.


Phone systems can incorporate door stations as well. Door stations allow for a person outside the home to call inside the home. These stations are great for entry doors or gates. Once these are connected to a phone system they can access a voice recording to take a message. Door stations can forwarded to another phone number allowing the home owner to talk with the visitor as if they are at the home.

With robust features and extensive programming options, phone systems can be a great addition to any home. Let Atlantic Protective Services help design the phone system that will work best for you.

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