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Experience the thrill of immersive sound and breathtaking video.

Home theater is a constantly changing industry. The variety and quality of media has taken simple TV watching into a fully engaging experience. However, putting the pieces together can be overwhelming.

Selecting the right TV to fit your room and needs is important. There are several different sizes, styles, and features to choose from. The types of TV's can range from Plasma, LCD, LED, OLED, and Projection. Plasma screens are available in medium to large sizes. LCD, LED, and OLED offer a full range of small to large TV's. Projection is typically available in large to very large.


Speakers and audio-video receivers are vital to creating an exciting home theater experience. The audio-video receiver is responsible for delivering the sound to the speakers and video to the TV. These are considered the brains of the system and need to be configured and tuned to perform optimally.

Speaker options vary depending on your circumstances and needs, and can be mounted and/or placed in a variety of ways. Speakers can be mounted in walls, in ceilings, on walls, on stands, or can be floor-standing. Each type has its pros and cons; our technicians can recommend setup options that meets your needs.


One more piece of the puzzle is the audio-video sources. These sources can include several different devices, from Blu-Ray, cable or satellite boxes, video game consoles, and media extenders, and more. However. just plugging them in is often not enough. Out of the box, most devices must be configured to enable surround sound. The use of proper cabling is required to obtain the best high definition picture and surround sound.

Atlantic Protective Services can eliminate the confusion and complications of setting up a home theater. Whether you're installing a new system, or trying to improve and configure an existing system, APS can simplify the task for you.

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