Central Vacuum
The perfect replacement for your upright

Central vacuums are a superior alternative to traditional upright and canister vacuums. They offer several power and attachment options based on your home's specific design. With a central vacuum, cleaning can reach a new level.

Central vacuums require a motor to be installed in a fixed location, typically a garage or easily accessible closet. Piping is installed in-wall to the location of the vacuum motor. The piping creates a sealed system, located within your walls and out of your living space, that moves dirt from your living space to the location of the motor. The dirt and debris is then stored in a canister that can be easily emptied as needed.


With a central vacuum motor located away from the living space, dirt is pulled from inside the house to the vacuum canister. Because the central vacuum system is sealed, they are very hypoallergenic alternative to standard upright or canister vacuums. The air is not recycled in the central vacuum system, so no filter is need to contain particles from living space.

The central vacuum operates with a hose and variable attachments, much like a standard vacuum. The hose kit can vary in length, but they are typically 25-30 feet. The attachment can be a power-head, which is great for carpets, a hardwood floor attachment, or various upholstery attachments. Vac pans can also be used to sweep up dirt without the need for a hose or attachment.


Central vacuums can be installed during new constrution or retrofit into an existing home. Atlantic Protective Services offers all the necessary parts to outfit your home with a clean central vacuum solution.

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