Video Distribution
Solutions for presentations or entertainment

TV's or video displays can perform many different functions for a business. Displays can be used for showing advertisements, entertainment, or even for presentations. Video distribution can increase the functionality of your TV's or video displays.

Video distribuiton is necessary when video needs to be shared to multiple video displays. Through video distribution, a business can reduce the number of input devices required. This can become a very cost effective solution when cable or satellite boxes are used. Sharing video programming among multiple displays can also control the video broadcast options available.


A business can also use TV's as a method to advertise internally. This can be a great way to showcase services, projects, or even the company’s history, creating an opportunity to present information about your business. This can be great for visitors as well as employees.


Another feature video distribution can offer is local presentations. This can be a great way to communicate with employees without crowding them into a conference room. This can be ideal when time and space is an issue.

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