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Commnications for the small business

Phone systems play a vital role in global communications as well as interoffice. With a phone system, a business can handle multiple phonelines as well as user extensions. Because of this, a business can upgrade their phone system as they grow. APS has experience with PBX systems.

A PBX phone system consist of a system and stations. The system can be expanded using expension cards. These cards can either increase the amount of phone lines or the number of stations available. The stations are the phones that are accessable to the user. With these stations the user can make phone calls, check voicemail, and intercom other stations. However, that is only the beginning.


There are also expansion cards that add features and functionality to the PBX system. Some of these expansion cards can include caller id, voice messaging, door phone and access control.


One benefit of of a PBX phone system is adminstrative controls. This enables an administrator to control the amount of access a user has to the phone. Such as toll restriction and limiting outside access. This can limit certain users abilty to place long distance phone calls. Limiting outside access can restrict a phone from calling anything but a particular number or extension.

Atlantic Protective Services can install and service the phone system for your small business. Let our knowledge of PBX phone systems help you determine the best solution for your needs.

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