Simplifying communications

Communication is vital to a business. By using intercoms, communications can be flexible to different needs. Door phones, PA systems, apartment entry systems, video intercoms, and several others can provide very specific needs while keeping the operation simple.

One of the most common intercom systems is the paging systems. A paging system allows for public address. These are very common in large retail stores, warehouses, or office buildings. It is common for phone systems to offer this feature or one very similar. However, phone systems may not always be pratical. Phone systems my not provide the power or features required to page large, open facilities.


Door phones are becoming a popular choice for access control. With a door phone a person is required to "call" for entry. Typically this is done through a push button or call box. The user at the other end can communicate with the person requesting entry through the intercom. There are options for video door phones to confirm identity besides verbal conformation. Some door phones can even release a lock to remotely open the door for entry.


Station intercoms are great for room to room comunications. This type of system will include a master station and sub-stations. The master station can call the sub-stations for private or more discreet communications. This is a popular option for schools or medical centers where communication is essential but needs to be simple and controlled.

Atlantic Protective Services has experince installing and servicing intercom systems. Whatever your business, APS can help you decide the perfect solution for your facility.

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