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Audio distribution systems, typically utilized to play music in restaurant, retail, and professional spaces, offer a variety of options from which to choose when designing your system. Atlantic Protective Services can help your business design and implement a system specifically tailored to your business environment.

Restaurants, retail stores, professional offices, and several other business use music as a tool daily. Restaurants will use music to create atmosphere. Retail stores will use music to draw in target shoppers and use the music to make the shopping experience more enjoyable. Professional offices will use music as a tool for increasing productivity in their employees. Regardless of your business, music can be important.


Audio distribution systems are composed of three parts: audio source, amplifier, and speakers. Audio sources vary, and can be anything from a commercial Musak player to satellite or internet radio. Amplifier options vary according to the desired results, and our professionals can help you determine the proper equipment for your system needs and budget. Speakers, as well, will vary in quality and cost depending on your system needs.


Each part of the system can be customized for your business application, depending on the size of the building or space and the desired system functions. A small retail store, for example, may only require a single audio source playing music to the sales floor. A larger business, or one with several different types of public spaces, may require a more advanced system, which can direct different audio sources to different areas of the building.

APS professionals can meet with you to discuss your business needs, and design the audio distribution system to enhance your business space.

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