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Wholesale monitoring for dealers

In 1998, Atlantic Protective Services opened a central station facility outfitted with modern equipment, procedures, and emergency backup strategies. This enabled APS the ability to offer electronic monitoring to our customers and dealers. Our central station is equipped and staffed for monitoring security and fire systems. Through extensive training, our dispatchers can deliver a high level of professionalism expected in the security industry.

The Commonwealth of Virginia mandates only 8 hours of employee training before registrating a person as a central station dispatcher. However, APS requires a minimum of 240 hours company specific training. This extensive training ensures our dispachers respond to alarms professionally while following stringent operating procedures. In addition to introductory training, all dispatchers are subject to frequent reviews of performance. Advanced traning is employed constantly throughout an employees career.


Current receiver technology makes it possible to efficiently handle alarms. Modern digital alarm receivers offer a broad range of automated protocols. This allows for a dispatcher to intervene an alarm signal when necessary. Our receivers can accept several major reporting formats. This is a benefit for dealers and installers, giving them the ability to use an alarm panel that best suits the needs of their business and customers. Activity reports, opening and closing status are available to dealer and subscribers.


Central station monitoring is a 24/7 business. Atlantic Protective Services knows the importance of a reliable central station. However, environmental and other situations can cause unexpected downtime. APS has prevention strategies in place to minimize the impact of an outage to our subscribers and dealers.

Atlantic Protective Services offers many services to our central station subscribers and dealers. If your looking for a central station to monitor your alarm accounts, we have the facilty to provide the service you need. Contact APS to learn more about the services we offer.

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